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Sleep specialist

Chris Idzikowski - sleep expert. Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service (SAAS), UK. Visiting Fellow, Open University Law School

Consultancies  - Contact

Medico-legal - Contact for more information. Cases relate to parasomnias (sleepwalking, sleep-related sexual behaviours (SRSB) aka "sexsomnia", etc) and others sleep disorders (falling asleep at the wheel); both Prosecution and Defence, various jurisdictions.

For consultancies, research and academic Contact. Patients


Editing a new book - more information and proposals here.

Open University Law School

Future RSM Sleep Medicine Section meetings


Immediate Past RSM - Sleep Medicine Section Meetings

  • September 2013 (with the Pain Medicine Section) Sleep and pain
  • October 2013 (with the clinical forensic and legal medicine section, and the pharmaceutical medicine and research section) Drink, drugs, sleep and transport
  • February 2014 Wake up! Hot topics for healthcare scientists in sleep medicine
  • March 2014 Fits and funny turns, evening meeting - with clinical neurosciences
  • July  2014 (postponed) Sleep - yours and your patient's
  • September 2014 Sleep and the law
  • November 2014 CBT for insomnia disorder: evidence base and practical implementation methods
  • Feb 2015 Sleep medicine and paediatrics
  • June 2015 Sleep medicine in primary care 
  • November 2015 Sleep and mental health - a two street
  • February 2016 Sleep and the elderly
  • May 2016 Operating on automatic pilot? sleep and society: confrontations with the law

RSM Sleep Medicine past meetings

Archived Front Page

Rolling news
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