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Archived Front Page Sept 2016

Consultancies  - Contact

Medico-legal - Contact for more information. Cases relate to parasomnias (sleepwalking, "sexsomnia", etc) and others sleep disorders (falling asleep at the wheel); both Prosecution and Defence, various jurisdictions.

For consultancies, research and academic Contact. Patients.

Time to fill in a curiosity questionnaire? Here

Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Sleep Medicine Section meetings

Next Meeting
18th May 2016 operating on automatic pilot? sleep and society: confrontations with the law

New books

SOUND ASLEEP. available on Kindle (Corrections and updates).

Sleep disorders affect society (open access).

Sleep Disorders (open access).

New chapter

An Essay on Sleep-Related Sexual Behaviours and Offences Related to Sexual Behaviours

Latest paper

Current opinion on pharmacology of sleep (request)

Other books by Chris Idzikowski Other main site - neuronic

Next (closed) meeting on Sleep and the Law - Jan 26 2014, Southampton University

How to Sleep: Info

Parasomnias (abnormal behaviours during sleep, sleepwalking, waking dreams, sleep talking, etc) - I'm interested in your stories: Either write a post or comment on my blog or write to me through here: Contact

Advice for sleepwalkers here. Commentary dealing with forensic sleep (forensic sleep research, forensic sleep medicine).

Edinburgh Sleep Centre (Heriot Row) 2005-2013

Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service News: Still active, but old newsroom (written for Fringe 2010, Edinburgh)


Immediate Past RSM Sleep Medicine meetings

September 2013

20 September, RSM, London (with the Pain Medicine Section)

Sleep and pain

February 19 2014

Wake up! Hot topics for healthcare scientists in sleep medicine (RSM, London)

July  16 2014 (postponed)

Sleep - yours and your patient's (RSM, London)

18 June 2015

Sleep medicine in primary care (RSM, London)


October 2013

18 - 19 October, RSM, London (with the clinical forensic and legal medicine section, and the pharmaceutical medicine and research section)

Drink, drugs, sleep and transport

March 6 2014

Fits and funny turns, evening meeting(RSM, London) - with clinical neurosciences

30 September 2014

Sleep and the law - RSM link

Feedback on meeting.

November 19 2014

cbt for insomnia disorder: evidence base and practical implementation methods (RSM link)

Feedback on meeting.

Feb 18 2015

Sleep medicine and paediatrics (RSM, London)

11th November 2015 Sleep and mental health - a two street
Programme, registration

17th February 2016Sleep and the elderly
Programme, registration


Last Mirabilis training course 9 December 2015 - Holywood NI

The SLEEP Training Day Wednesday 10th December 2014.


old sleep page

RSM Sleep Medicine Section Council

Rolling news
Chemical Clock-Stopping – Circadian Rhythms And Addiction by Mel Smith - more here